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We want more people to read more
- and for more people to become better readers

WeDoBooks was established to create more and better readers because reading is a fundamental building block for learning, education and creativity.

Access to the right book at the right time is one of the biggest motivators for reading. That is why we specialise in helping publishers get digital books to readers as quickly and easily as possible - whether the reader uses the library, goes to school or uses commercial services or bookstores.

We do this through our innovative platforms with the aim of creating a healthy digital book market.

Simple, secure and stable distribution to the entire digital book market


Simple, secure and stable distribution to the entire digital book market



Publizon is the most efficient distribution platform for digital literature in the market. Thousands of publishers in the Nordic region use Publizon as the primary highway for all digital content to all sales channels. This includes bookstores, streaming services, schools and libraries.

The platform is rock steady, user-friendly, full of data and insights for publishers, and it is also by far the cheapest distribution of e-books and audiobooks in Europe. We are continuously opening up access to new markets, so it is very easy to spread literature beyond national borders.

The digital library platform of the future - created for inspiration and the joy of reading



Biblio provides library users with great reading experiences. Patrons encounter an inviting and inspiring universe where they can explore the local library's catalog of e-books and audiobooks and keep track of all their reading - including the paper books at home on the bookshelf.

At the same time, libraries gain in-depth knowledge about the behavior and interests of their users, full control of the digital lending budget and rich opportunities for sharing digital literature to their users.

Make reading fun in the school reading universe



Bookbites is a motivational reading universe and community for schools and educational institutions. In Bookbites, all students are equal. It is not about reading the fastest or the most pages, but about rewarding effort in the form of reading in time. Practice makes perfect, and everyone is on an equal footing when we measure in time. This allows you to compete with your peers on an equal footing. Children also do not like queuing, so there are no restrictions or waiting times in the Bookbites library.

The teacher also gets a complete overview of the reading progress in the class and with deep insight can help each student with their reading where they are.

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